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Are you among the people tired of drinking from cans because of unhygienic they could be? If yes, there is good news for you. We introduce Canper which is the ideal drinking can lid you’ve been missing, and it is going to change the way we take canned drinks.

For a start, what does Canper really mean?

Canper - soda can lid

Canper is the soda can lid that allows you to drink from a can in the most hygienic way. Factually, Canper does more than just that. Canper is an awesome decoration material, unrivalled table gift, promotional tool and one of the best utensils you can have in your kitchen.

Designed to be used by both children and adults, Canper is the ideal product that can be used anywhere, anytime. Additionally, Canper combines fancifulness and aesthetics with functionalities.

You are probably still wondering about the revolution Canper is bringing to drinking from a can; well, it allows you to drink from a can without:

  • Leakage of bubbles
  • Infestations by bacteria or insects
  • Dirt found in the air

Factually, Canper solves all issues related to taking drinks from a can.

Canper is perfect soda can lid

Though lots of individuals fancy drinking from a can, they are often concerned about how unhygienic it could be. We understand their concern, and this is why we produce Canper. From park to plane and party, we believe there is no other way to enjoy a drink than taking it directly from a can. And we have decided to optimize the enjoyment with the aid of Canper.

Designed to be the perfect can lid, Canper is suitable to be used as a promotional item at birthday parties for children, corporate events and many other social gatherings. With Canper, hygienic and safe drinking is promoted, and this ensures that credibility and authority are built.

Canper is truly the soda can lid everybody has been expecting.


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