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Do you need new marketing ideas or need to help your small business grow?

Your answer is here. Take advantage of Canper to market your product. Compliment your product with custom printed Canper soda can lid! We’ll help you print anything your business needs to succeed.

When used as a marketing tool, Canper offers unique drinking experience that has never been witnessed before.

What differentiate Canper from others?

It is safe and hygienic

There is no way you can drink from a beverage can without your lips touching the dirt and bacteria on the can that are accumulated during the process of its production, packaging and placement in vending machines and store shelves.

Canper cap and spout remove all unhygienic elements. With the aid of the spout, exposure to bacteria is distinctly eliminated. The cap, on the other hand, reduces the chances of deadly insects, such bees and wasps, getting into the beverage can.

It is affordable and suitable

Whether you are a child or an adult, Canper offers you the perfect opportunity to drink from a can without having to contact the can directly with your mouths.

Now, you don’t have to waste any beverage because you can’t finish it at a go. Just put the Canper cap on its spout, and your drink is safe to be taken later with its flavor and carbonation still intact.

It is easy to use

Using Canper spout on a pull tab can is as simple as ABC. With the ‘front teeth of the Canper spout placed under the pull tab, just press it down and your drink is safe. Its ergonomic design allows it to be easily adapted to various kinds of mouth sizes of beverage cans.

It is a perfect marketing gadget

You can actually make use of Canper for advertising, marketing and promoting your business. Logos and corporate identity prints can be easily placed on the form and cap of Canper.

Fun facts about Canper

The design of Canper allows it to fit easily into the space found between the cans that are packaged in groups.

Best solutions for manufacturers and retailers of beverages

Benefits for manufacturers of beverages

  • Its bulk delivery allows packaging on request. In other words, packaging of each Canper in a hygienic bag is possible
  • Manufacturer logo can be placed on Canper cap in varying print colors
  • Manufacturers can make choices from a wide range of colors

Benefits for retailers

  • Hangers: choose from wide and narrow versions based on the kinds of shelf spaces
  • Delivered to each retailer in a ready-made packaging mode
  • Leaflets, flyers and posters


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