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The Team of Freeaky Canpers - Start Collecting Now

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The patented Canper is a soda can lid that now provides a whole new experience for consuming drinks from a can. The Canper beverage can lids are available in an exciting and new Freeaks edition. They come in packs of 4 and are a collection of 12 different characters. Each pack of 4 Canpers contains 4 different characters randomly packed. You would obviously want to have the full collection of all the 12 Freeaky characters, so start collecting now.

Marino: A scientist was building a robot and halfway through the process something went wrong and Marino came to life. He can be called a half robot and a half freak. Marino is not a Frankenstein but is in fact very sweet and never wants to hurt anyone. It will do any job you want it to do, but since it was not developed completely, it can have trouble understanding instructions and can mix up the jobs at hand.

canper-witchita Hoggy: Hoggy is a one-eyed cheerful character who loves to hog on food at most times. He has a loud and hearty laughter and do not be deterred by the small horns all over its body, Hoggy is indeed a very friendly chap and a friend you would love to have.

canper-spacey Spacey: Spacey is football player who loves to play sports. He might look cute but is a tough nut from inside and can be a valuable addition to any team in a sports match at most times. Spacey runs real fast and can be very hard to catch up with and is even otherwise a very athletic dude.

canper-vampy Vampy: Though not really a vampire but he believes that he is one. With two horns and protruding canines, he likes to scare people but actually has a heart of gold. Vampy is also a stylish dude, wants to look good at all times and takes real pride in having the best haircut in town.


canper-witchita Triclop: Triclop is a feaky mutant. With 3 eyes and a slothy saliva always dripping from his mouth, he may not seem to be the most friendly guy around but he can be a real dude to be along. Due to his mutant genes he has some special powers, but uses them only when absolutely necessary and does not let anyone know about them.

canper-witchita Witchita: Witchita is your friendly neighborhood witch. She is one witch you can let your children be with. She talks really sweet, totally unlike a witch. She is a really well dressed girl and is the life of all Halloween parties.

canper-freaky Freaky: Freaky is a dude with 4 horns and a snarky smile. At all times he seems to be up to something, but is really a nice guy at heart. With his freakish looks, he might not always appear to be a friend you can trust, but is not really a bad guy to be friends with.

canper-missy Missy: Missy believes she is the princess of the Freaky Empire. With her regal eyes and well done hair, she always moves around in a crown and behaves like a true princess. She knows all the etiquettes a princess should follow and never seems un-royal ever.


canper-telly Telly: Telly is a TV set gone wrong. But now this freaky character can transmit images on itself for you from around the world in a matter of seconds. He is an ideal friend you would like to take with you on a holiday trip or any place where you would not like to get bored. He is quite a resourceful guy and knows about everything that is happening around the world.

canper-canparella Canparella: Canparella is a style queen. With her purple hair and stylish glares on at all times she is high on the style quotient. Though she is not without substance, and is also one of the friendliest freaky characters. She has travelled around the world and knows a thing or two about people from different cultures.

canper-moonster Moonster: Moonster is the freakiest freaky ever. He is totally asymmetrical; none of his two parts of the body are similar. He loves playing video games and can be very difficult to beat in a match up. He is kinda restless guy, always up to something, just cannot sit without doing anything. With his telescopic eye he can see far and beyond what most people can, and this can be very useful at times.

canper-geeka Geeka: Geeka is a rare freaky character who happens to be a geek. She loves her books and that is her best companion. She is voracious reader and is particularly interested in science reading. She is up to date on all the latest developments in the scientific field and is sure she will be inventing a thing or two by herself in the future.


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