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Canper Party Ideas - 12 pcs

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Canper soda can caps party ideas package is designed for all sorts of parties. It adds colours to make your party a colourful event. Canper soda Can caps are great at keeping carbonated drinks from getting flat as quickly. You can easily differentiate your drink from those of other people with the aid of the different colours of Canpers and different words on the lids.


Canper soda can lids key benefits:
✔ Re-closable pop can lids are made from food grade plastic, BPA FREE.
✔ Enables safe and hygienic drinking from beverage cans.
✔ Carbonated beverages last longer compared to standard open can. The can caps hold in carbonation for a while to improve your drinking enjoyment later.
✔ Protects your mouth from direct can contact minimizing bacterial ingestion and cuts from the can surface and the can opening.
✔ Reusable, Recyclable, Dishwasher safe, Multiple Colors & Different designs!
✔ Hygienic and Safe. No Bugs. No Spills. No Germs. Keep dust and bugs out!
✔ Great for Picnics, Fishing, Golfing, Boating, BBQ's, Camping, etc.
✔ Better than a straw!
✔ Lids for soda cans comes in different colour combinations and designs! 
✔ Soda can covers fit most standard size soft drink and beverage cans with large (green bag) and small (blue bag) opening!
✔ Great Marketing tool. Soda can lid cover can be customised with your logo and used for branding, advertising, sales promotions or just great promotional gift idea and marketing item!

Package contains:
✔ 12 Soda can lids in different color combinations and designs to distinguish your drink from others.
   • Lids fit normal cans with classic can opening
   • Different designs - words!

Also available in 4 pack and with different designs. You can also order them customized to your design!

How to remove and re-use Canper?
Push from the back side of the spout forward and the spot will pop out of the can. Rinse under water and save for later.

Do not turn the can with Canper upside down! Does not leak when you drink!

Packaging and other things to note about Canper

Every Canper is neatly packed inside a hygienic bag with instructions about its usage clearly written on it.

There are random selections of words on the caps and colours of Canper.

Canper can be used with most of the available standard size cans that have large openings.

Canper is manufactured in Europe.

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