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Canper Family Pack (different designs) for slim can with small opening and normal can - 50 pcs in box

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Identify your soft drink while you protect yourself from harmful bacteria on cans with reusable can covers – now in family pack! Family pack contains 50 pieces of can caps with different designs - emoji, words, hygienic and freeaks. In 50 pieces box you will find 40 pieces of can caps for normal cans with large opening and 10 pieces of can caps for slim cans with small opening. 

Everyone loves emojis, freeaks and word designs and now you have them on your Canper! Let the world know how you’re feeling with one of a generous selection of emojis, freeaks or words!  Can caps are available in a randomly assorted designs, you can have fun mixing and matching these ultra-cool and protective can beverage identifiers. A superior party favor!


  • HYGIENIC AND SAFE Keeps insects and debris out.
  • REUSABLE WITH CLOSABLE CAP great for everyday use, ideal for camping, boating, fishing, cycling, golfing, sailing, walking, hiking, picnics, outdoor living, barbecues, parties, and much more.
  • PROTECTS YOUR MOUTH from direct can contact minimizing bacterial ingestion and cuts from the can surface and the can opening.
  • ECONOMICAL MONEY SAVER by avoiding the discard of half-empty cans in households, cars, planes, trains, boats or wherever you are. The can caps hold in carbonation for a while to improve your drinking enjoyment later.
  • EASY TO USE providing a maximum level of hygiene, safety and comfort while drinking out of soft drink and beverage cans. Reduces spillage.
  • FUN AND PERSONALIZED way to distinguish your drink from others at gatherings and outings.
  • FITS MOST STANDARD SIZE SOFT DRINK AND BEVERAGE CANS with large openings and slim cans with small openings (like Red Bull).

Packaging and other things to note about Canper can caps

Every can cap is neatly packed inside a hygienic bag with instructions about its usage clearly written on it.

There are random selections of emotions, freeaks, hygenic and words on the caps and colors of Canper.

Canper can be used with most of the available standard size cans that have large openings and most of the slim cans with small openings.

Canper is manufactured in Europe! Food grade material, BPA FREE.

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